Today … Tears

I didn’t mean to, but

Doggone it, I cried today.

Yep, legions of tears flowed down my cheeks

After assaulting and overrunning my eyelids.

I even broke to the point that

My shoulders shook and my chest heaved

With thoughts about him.

He’s gone now, and

What has been, what could have been, and

Even what is yet to be, in the Master Plan,

Hasn’t been revealed in any detail, at least

Not to me in my questioning.

Why has all the hurt had to … well, … hurt?

Maybe time will tell.

One thing seems sure.

In all this sobbing done, I’ve seen that

Pain is a faithful tutor who makes his point

At the exacting price of a bruise or piece of skin,

Or a wounded heart, or lingering disappointment.

But tomorrow?  Who knows what will spring up

Where the torrent so recently flowed?

Will it be a call of hope?

A symphonic quartet to lift the heart?

An epic verse to tell the story in all its shades?

What seeds have been sown in the rush of waters

That tumbled down the slopes of sadness and despair?

Where, at the bottom, were they laid to rest to

Await the warmth of sun’s rising?

Well, I’m still alive and

Left to live another day as I might — a

Little halt, … but … able to move on with faith

That in the going on, I’ll see a gentler hand

Working to make another’s way a little better,

Perhaps far less fearful and less angry,

Even if the hand is only mine.

Ah! Those tears have

Washed away the grime from my own

Dirty hands, so that I may now have the sense

To spot the tear welling in another’s eyes;

To be timely enough to stop my own selfish dash

Across another’s beautifully laid garden.

Alas, to spare that tear another day.

©  2005 by Michael E. Stubblefield


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