Monday Motivation- 33  Ways To Stay Creative.

Click on the link immediately above for some inspiration. This piece from another’s blog ties right in with my interest in “Flow” [see my previous post re the book by that title].  For me, flow most often comes in one of two packages — the strenuous physical exertion of long-distance road cycling or the creativity that comes when I get outdoors with my DSLR camera. The author’s list is a great stimulus package.

I think you’ll enjoy her suggestions as a helpful reminder to do — and BE — the things you know intuitively to be really GOOD for you and the world. I know, I know — her list is not, in the strictest sense, a place to go (and therefore, you may argue, should not be on my “bucket list”).  However, it IS a place to go … a place to BE with my best energy and best effort, a new place to live.

Go for it!  Seize the day … life IS short!

Carpe diem. Vita brevis!

Michael Stubblefield


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