I’ve slowly discovered that real living can be simple … even amid the seeming complexities. Here’s a potpourri of simple things I’ve found to make life more worth the living.

1. I am willing to take reasonable risks. Taking no risks offers no safety.

2. Children have much to teach us.

3. After the rain, comes … more rain [in Seattle]!

4. Sunshine makes me happy. A well-written book or story works, too.

5. Hiking in the mountains invigorates and inspires me.

6. Physical exercise offers more benefits than difficulties.

7. There is an unimaginable, intelligent, creative force behind Nature.

8. A smile is often the best gift I can offer anyone.

9. To be loved, one must love.

10. Acknowledging my mistakes, my ignorance, and my desire to learn and know more are empowering beyond imagination.

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