Who am I — REALLY?

Who Am I – Load in

The ridiculous assumption that we should embrace every idea, every movement, every experiment that comes down the pike, billed as being “worthy” of respect and honor, is one of the most destructive forces to mankind. We are absurd if we truly embrace such an insistence on “neutrality” and “plurality”! To do so is to assume, ab initio, that all ideas, thoughts, movements, value systems, etc., are created equal. And to attempt to live in such a system is nothing more than learning to become a chameleon who accepts everything and believes in nothing.

Better to find out who you really are at the core of your being and embrace those values, thoughts, ideas, movements, etc., that have put you where you are in your life, those that comport with the real “you.” Listen and evaluate — for sure and with deep reflection — the systems, values, beliefs and standards of others; explore them, those ideas and movements, to ferret out what drives them and motivates them, then balance those factors against your own values and make no apology for your decision to live by the highest result.

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