“City” is a relative term in my lexicon. If you’re referring to a metropolis or megalopolis, then “you’ve got the right string, baby, but the wrong yo-yo.” Fuhgeddaboutit! Big-city guy I’m not. Don’t need the grind of city traffic, anonymity, mute avoidance from faces of passersby, etc. Give me freedom, smiles, familiar greetings, happy faces and a decent choice of things to do, see and buy, and it’s good. Throw in art, music, culture and personality and it becomes great.

San Domenico church in Siena, Italy

Siena, Italy: What’s not to like about Italy?! Though I enjoy the antiquities of Roma, Firenze and other more notables on the map, it’s the smaller towns in the Tuscan hillsides that attract me, and the ancient tight-twisting streets of Siena are special. I’d love to watch the famous Palio di Siena horse race that occurs in the piazza there — very different from American horse racing. The famous Campanile in the city’s center. Italian cuisine, hospitality. Exquisite ceramic art. Italian extroversion and exuberance. Buon giorno!  Bene! Bene!

Prescott, AZ: Sunny sky, most days! Moderate, four-season weather! Friendly people who aren’t afraid to engage in brisk conversation. Howdy!  Yes, sir!  Western independence with a ready smile, confidence. Crisp, clean look of town. Nicely restored historic buildings. Despite small population, there’s a significant artistic community and obvious appreciation of art. Some good eats, lots of natural space to enjoy.

Carpe diem. Vita brevis!

© May 3, 2011, by Michael E. Stubblefield.  All rights reserved.  Photo courtesy Plinky.com.

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