Extra! Extra! The “Unsinkable” MollyDooker, in the company of such lovable rascals as “The Boxer,” “The Blue Eyed Boy,” and “The Maitre D,” — not to mention “Two Left Feet” — defies Newton’s Law of Entropy and proves once again that a good woman is irrepressible! She just keeps on getting better!

Molly Dooker

Some things just naturally get better with age. Granted, relatively few, but there are extant examples. Take red wine, for instance. I’m thinking of the Australian vintage, MollyDooker. Yum! (“Mollydooker” is an Australian expression for a lefthander. Really! Google it.) Good cheese (consider, e.g., the Spanish Manchego or Italian Parmigiano Reggiano). My marriage.  Our children. Thought processes (Yes, a maturing brain is clearly an improvement — see Children). Patience. Puppies (Ever own a terrier?). Grandchildren. Collectibles. Some actors (Robert Duvall, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Robert Downey, Jr., et al.) And Gratitude — ALWAYS!

Carpe diem. Vita brevis!

© May 1, 2011 by Michael E. Stubblefield.  All rights to my work reserved unless otherwise noted.  MollyDooker photo courtesy of MollyDooker Winery.

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