“Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right,
Here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you.” ~
Stealers Wheel, 1972

There is no line,

There’s a fine line,

Or a design line,

And a telephone line.

The color line,

The gender line,

A product line,

Two party lines.

The union line.

A picket line,

A boundary line,

The welfare line.

The free-throw line,

The half-court line,

The three-point line,

A goal line.

A yard line,

The baseline,

A morning line and

The scrimmage line.

(Oh, and the line drive.)

One bowling line,

And a hard line,

A half-cup line,

And your waistline.

Battle lines,

Cemetery lines,

Soup lines, and


A pipeline,

Customer service line,

An electrical line,

And a hemline.

The railroad line,

A bus line, airline,

A clothesline,

And assembly line.

Song line,

Long line,

Invisible line,

And wrong line.

Ancestral line,

Defensive line,

A tree line,

And the water line.

Get in line!

You cut in line!

You stole my line!

We’ll hold the line!

A white line,

A bright line,

A thin red line,

And a long blue line.

We must get in line,

Send word down the line,

To follow the line

To the end of the line.

You stand in line,

Johnny walks the line,

The demarcation line —

Where I draw the line.


Any more lines?

© March, 2011, by Michael E. Stubblefield.  All rights reserved.


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