from the movie “No Country for Old Men,” based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy.  I love these lines — profound consideration.

Final Scene:

Ed Tom Bell, Sheriff of Carroll County, TX [played by Tommy Lee Jones] and Loretta Bell, his wife [played by Tess Harper].

Ed Tom, newly retired, is sitting at the breakfast table with his back to the window.  There is a pinched, pained, misty stare in his eyes as Loretta comes to the table, pours coffee into their cups and sits down. He’s looking past her, way off in the distance somewhere:

Ed Tom: “Maybe I’ll go ridin’, whaddya thank?

Loretta: “Well, I cain’t plan yore day.

ET: “I mean, wouldya care to join me?

L: “Lord no, I’m not retarred [retired].

ET: “Maybe I’ll help out here, then.

L: “Uh … better not.  (long pause)  How’d ya sleep?

ET: “I ‘ont know, had dreams.

L: “Well, ya got time for ‘em now.  Anythang interestin’?

ET: “They always is to the party concerned.

L: (softening her face and tone), “Ed Tom, I’ll be polite [inviting him to talk].

ET: “Awright t’en, two of ‘em, both had my father in ‘em.  It’s peculiar.  I’m older now than he ever wuz by 20 years, so in a sense, he’s a younger man.  Anyways, first one I don’t remember too well, but it uz about meetin’ him in town somewhurs and he gimme some money.  I thank I lost it.  The second one, it wuz like we wuz both back in the older times, and I was a-horseback goin’ through the mountains of a night, goin’ through this pass in the mountains.  It was cold, it was snow on the ground everwhur.  He rode past me and jus kep on goin’.  Never said nothin’, jus rode on past.  And he had his blanket wrapped around him an’ his head wuz down.  When he rode past, I seen he was carryin’ far [fire] in a horn, the way people used to do, and I could see the horn from the light inside uv it, ‘bout the color o’ the moon.  And in the dream I knew that he wuz goin’ on ahead.  And he was fixin’ to make a far somewhur out thur in all ‘at dark and all ‘at cold.  [Ed Tom’s face turns dark, tears well in his eyes.]  And I knew that whenever I got thur, that he’d be thur.  And I woke up.  [Blinking back the tears, he stares at Loretta with a fearful, ominous look on his face.]

The movie ends with them staring at each other – her with unspoken pity on her face, him with dire sadness on his.

Ed Tom Bell


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