“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” – ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH

Welcome to my blog! I’m delighted to launch this site as an opportunity to speak what’s on my mind and for you to comment, discuss, disagree, persuade, or whatever may be, in your mind, an appropriate observation or response about my posts. All I ask is that you do so in good taste, with respect for the other persons’ positions and values. We’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

This will be a blog akin to Gene Shalit’s “Man About Everything” in that it will likely touch on topics far and wide. There will be pictures and photos and more, all to keep it interesting, informative, entertaining, and …(?) From where I sit, some of the choice morsels of life involve having fun and enjoying good humor as well as serious discussion. Like you, I get excited about lots of things, including art, cycling, family, music, books, human interest stories, politics, common sense ramblings, photography, gardening, sports, food and wine, movies, health and whatever may come to mind. I like to talk with people beyond mere surface matters; I like to learn, I like to hear people out and discuss differing viewpoints … sometimes for days on end. I plan to create a number of different categories that will accommodate a variety of topics. So please be patient with me (I have a lot to learn about blogging), as I will attempt to be with you, and feel free to suggest topics of conversation or controversy … as long as it’s not too wild!

Also feel free to submit things for consideration as publishable material on my blog, including your photos. I’ll be happy to give it my best shot in publishing them as you produce them and you keep the rights to the material you submit, as far as I’m concerned. But be prepared for me to come back to you with “How do I do …?” I may even ask you, “Are you sure about that?”

Also, I reserve the unequivocal right to control the content of any commentary by removing and/or modifying it to comport with reasonable standards of decency and good taste (as determined, of course, solely by me! :-)) And I reserve full copyrights over my own work.

I hope you’ve had a great first half of this week. We are unusually chilly here in SoCal for this time of year … another sure sign that Al Gore’s right! We’re having “global warming” for sure! I’m just waiting for him to invent the contemporary equivalent to the internet and basketball. It’s gotta be great fun! C’mon Al! I know it’s hard to follow your own act, but you can do it! You da man!

Carpe diem! Vita brevis!


9 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. ~ The ease and appeal of blogging is inspiring a new group of writers and creators to share their voices with the world. ~ Unknown

    Welcome and greetings and so glad to see you finally set this up. I’ve always enjoyed your musings and writings and insight so this is a perfect canvas for you. I’ll add it to my daily feeds and see where this goes.

    1. Thanks, Jeff, and welcome! I hope my musings et al. will merit your attention and your contributions to the discussion.

  2. Hi Uncle Michael
    Great to know you are putting your writing skills out there for us all to enjoy:)
    Thanks for letting us know…you’re in my blog favs.
    Love to you and Aunt Linda!
    lori and fam

    1. And great to hear from you, Lori. I’ll enjoy putting stuff out there with a view to reaping a wealth of healthy input from lots of angles. My best to all your family back in the Midwest. Carpe diem! Vita brevis!

  3. You’ve taken the plunge. Congrats. You always give me new words to learn. Today’s example: comport.

    Regarding global warming… One winter morning when the mercury was hovering around -38 and wind gusts up to hurricane speed (not really on the wind) the radio dj gave the weather report and then droned seriously, “I need someone to explain this whole global warming thing one more time. I’m just not getting it.” That soooo struck my funny chord.

    1. Thanks for the congrats. It wasn’t such a “cold” plunge as I thought it might be, thanks to our good buddy JeffV, who walked me through a senior (or blonde?) moment last night. 🙂

      Love handin’ out “new” words … I love the art and tools of language. Sometimes drive some folks nutty with it!

      Your story of the dj’s comments re global warming are really funny. D’ya think the “common folk” really get it — that it’s just the pinheads that are off on a trip? Maybe we can discuss that sometime in your blog and mine.

  4. It’s great to hear from you. Looking forward to future blogs and musings. You’ve openned a wide door as to topics which should be interesting. Have you pondered seeded vs. seedless?. I leave it to you for direction. My best to you and Linda.

    1. Mr. Fred! Great to hear from you! Yep, the door’s open, so we can even talk about seeded vs seedless — Delites, right?! I’ll look to you for the launch point on that, since I’m fairly clueless on the topic. Always defer to experts — it’s better form.

      Greetings to all there in the great Central Valley. Come see me sometime.

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